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2.500 km on foot through the Middle East

a mother and daugther's way to connect with the woman from the other Mediterranean side

MOST RECENT BLOG POSTS (soon in english)


This is not a travel blog; it is the blog of A travel. Is is our project’s blog: a space for honesty to fill with our experiences, with everything that happens to us along the way in the long walk we have planned. It is an up-to-date notebook of our time, a notepad to transcribe what we go through in these forthcoming 6 months, without filters, without any ambition other than to share our daily journal, as a duo.

We are not tourists, we are not travellers, nomads, or adventurers, none of these apply. The reason for our journey is to make a man’s dream ours, a man who is not here anymore, Ginebra’s dad, my dad. We are two regular women, mother and daughter, sharing a special moment, a unique opportunity in our lives that we do not want to miss out on because of fear or comfort.

In this space we will share with you the gift of time, the privilege of a pause, the luxury we have awarded ourselves to have this long stretch of time with only two single tasks in mind: to walk and to live. We believe being a female tandem will make it easier for us to get closer to women and to be able to share their daily lives with increased intimacy. We want to tell simple stories, far removed from the media spotlight, stories about women’s everyday lives, and to tell them earnestly.

We also enjoy not having any expectations or preconceived ideas about what we will find or what we will get out of all of this. We can assure you that we will offer you the best thing one can share with people, our honestly, shaped as a journal. And finally, the biggest luxury of all, being mother and daughter, the luxury of putting everything on hold for six months and treating myself to travelling with my mother, the luxury of stopping everything for six months and living my live, once again, with my daughter.